Web Design

Your web design is the core ingredients of your business, which could represent you in many ways if designed with intention.

At Bizart, we study your budget, market, competitors and marketing strategies and then combine them with the latest innovations in order to create the most yet user-friendly website in the market. We then add the most wanted features such as mobile friendly web design, Blogs, News feeds, Testimonials and Content Management Systems. Mobile Friendly design will make your website to be accessible on more devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

Mobile Friendly 

Not only that your website will be compatible on all smart devices such as smart phones and tablets but  it will be design and tested in a way that it looks absolutely gorgeous, functional and user-friendly on iPhones, iPads and android devices. After all more users are able to access you online.

Smart Budgeting 

We undertake a full consultation in order to find out your budget, requirements, website features and expectations and then based on the information provided, we create a web design proposal to not only suit your budget but also to full fill your expectations.

Easy to use CMS

We design your website based on the world’s most popular and at the same time easy to use Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento so you or your in-house team can easily add or update content and manage your website’s day to day tasks.

True Training

We want to make sure that you can run your own website without the need of professionals therefore, we organise a one on one training and demonstrate how to update and manage your new website as well as your enquiries, orders, invoices and clients using CMS.


Top Team

A team of top designers and developers will work on your web design project along with an experience Project manager.


Customer Support

A dedicated Project manager will be with you through out the process, answering and addressing every questions and enquiries. 



We have been growing Australian businesses for years, thanks to our great team of web designers, developers and project managers.  

How Web Design Works

Web Design Process

We know that the process of re-designing your website or creating a brand new website could be a time consuming process and that’s why a dedicated project manger will be with you through out this process in order to make it a completely hassle free process and also give you true insights and recommendations through consultations.

We begin with preparing a proposal based on your needs and budget. Once you accepted the proposal, our graphic designers as well as our developers will start building up your website. During this process, you will be given a demo link to your website so you can have your say on the final look and feel of the website. Once completed, our Digital Marketing team will optimise your website for better conversions. In other words, we are going to boost up your enquiries and sales through your brand new website by using call to action marketing strategies.


What is Call to Action Strategies?

call to action strategies are a series of attention grabbing messages, buttons and forms. In order to increase the sales through your website, we create bold messages and buttons wherever there is a possibility. These strategies have been a proven method of increasing sales whether you are trying to get the visitors to make an enquiry, purchase your products or even in some instances download, subscribe or create an account.


One on One Training

Once your web design project completed, you or a nominated person within your team will be given an extensive training on the CMS platform that used. Theses trainings will cover everything you need to know about your website’s admin panel. Depending on the platform and your requirements, the trainings will cover the following topics,

  • Create and update pages
  • Create and manage invoices
  • Managing enquiries and orders
  • Managing clients
  • Changing Logo
  • Adding Menus and Sub-menus
  • Adding or updating images



What is CMS?

Content Management Systems or CMS are platforms that make the task of updating your website an easy process. These platforms are specifically designed for people with no coding knowledge so they can update their website without needing to be a developer. The sky is really the limit with CMS in terms of the ability. You can pretty much do each and every tasks such as modifying, adding, removing and updating elements on your website.

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