SEO in Melbourne

SEO is the process of promoting your business organically in digital space using popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Through consistent analysis, optimisation and marketing, we are not only able to increase your traffic but also improve your sales and website conversion. We achieve these metrics in SEO by improving your website’s visibility on search engines so your potential customers are able to find you within seconds when they are searching for your products or services.

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Competitor Analysis

We undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis upon starting up your SEO campaign with us.  These analyses give us a clear view of the strategies incorporated by your competitors as well as the strategies that need to be implemented in order for us to be on top of them in search results.

Keyword Research

We undertake a full keyword research upon starting each and every SEO campaigns.  Based on your money making services and products, we select high potential keywords that are balanced against their search volumes, competition and whether they fit into the existing theme of your website.

SEO Content

Content is the king in modern SEO. Our experienced team of bloggers and writers along with our SEO specialists will optimise your new or existing content based on your keywords, be search engine friendly and at the same time to be engaging for the users as well in order to turn every search into sales.


Every Month we’ll give you an extensive SEO report outlining every and each area of your campaign, we also give you a quick briefing as well updating you on targets, results and a comparison with previous periods. In order for you to have a good understanding of what has been happening.


Top Team

A team of top marketers, strategists and developers will work on your SEO campaign along with an experienced Project manager.


Customer Support

A dedicated Project manager will be in direct contact with you ensuring to answer every questions and to address any enquiries.



We have been growing Australian businesses for years, thanks to our great team of SEO Experts, Strategist, Marketers and developers.

How SEO Works

How SEO Works


We start your campaign by assigning an SEO specialist on day one to be in charge of your optimisations. We then begin with your market and run a full competitor analysis on your business. Then we analyse each page of your website and assign unique keywords to each page. Next, we will monitor your keywords as well as the targeted pages in order to effectively optimise your on-site SEO. We choose your keywords based on your market. We assign the most related search queries in your targeted market. These keywords are believed to be the most frequently used phrases by your customers.

Of course, it is not all about keywords, we then analyse your website coding by optimising your codes in order to be the most well structured and SEO friendly. Your website’s backend has a direct impact on your rankings. During the past several years more search engines are started to focus on well structured and written codes and that’s why all our SEO specialist have come from Web Development background. More than %70 of websites with perfect functionality has hidden coding issues which only can be detected by search engines and developers.

At the same time, we undertake the most yet important aspect of SEO which is mostly considered to be the hidden part of SEO and that’s simply marketing. We promote your website on digital space by getting the well-known blogs or businesses in your industry to write about you and your services.


Content is the King in SEO

Bizart optimises your content in order to reflect your keywords and at the same time to be SEO friendly as well as user-friendly. An engaging content that targets right audiences has become an important part of SEO during the past years. Our SEO specialist analyses each and every page within your website and come up with a list of pages that need content optimisations. Also, we achieve results through content Marketing in highly competitive markets. If you have priority keywords which you are struggling to rank for, we look into it and based on your keywords we create a content marketing campaign. This could be through blogging, social media or even promotional online campaigns.

More About SEO

SEO is not all about optimisations, it is also about to be in the frontline of the future appointed policies by search engines as this can have a direct impact on your rankings. Search engines are more tend to update their ranking policies nowadays and if you are not aware of it, not only your rankings could be affected but they could also penalise your website the minute that the new policy has taken in place. Therefore, that’s why at Bizart, we have a team of SEO Specialist tracking every move of search engines in order to be the first Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne to undertake changes when new policies are in place.

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