Pay Per Click Management

Leads, great return on investment and dominant are the most core elements of every successful Pay per click campaigns.

we target each and every elements with one thing in our mind and that’s positive return on investment (ROI) on your Pay per click campaigns.  A positive ROI can grow any business’s Digital Marketing Campaigns in a way that has never imagined before. We then boost up your visibility and your brand recognition by listing you up on the most popular platforms such as Adwords and iAd .

Pay Per Click Competitors  

We undertake a comprehensive competitor analysis upon starting up your Pay Per Click campaign with us.  These analysis not only give us a clear view of the strategies incorporated by your competitors but also help us to identify the right formula for success.

Smart Ad Copies

Based on your money making products or services, we undertake a full personality analysis of your potential buyers. We then use these information along with smart call to action messages to write ad copies which are not only increase your sales but could also have great impact on your Return on Investment.

Positive ROI

We are contently monitoring and analysing your Pay per Click campaigns. Balancing against a number of metrics including budgets, total Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Rate, conversions and Cost Per Click on your keywords.  We then use these information to set up strategies that result in positive ROI.

Reporting Analysis

Every Month we’ll give you an extensive Pay per Click report outlining every and each areas of your campaign, we also give you a quick briefing,  updating you on targets, results and a comparison with previous periods.These reports will give you a clear view of your Adwords Pay Per Click campaign.


Top Team

A team of digital marketers, strategists and developers will work on your Pay Per Click campaign managing by an experience Project manager.


Customer Support

A dedicated Project manager will be in direct contact with you ensuring to answer every questions and enquiries also to update you on the process of your Pay Per Click campaign.



We have been growing Australian businesses for years, thanks to our great team of Strategist, Marketers and developers.

How Pay Per Click Works

Pay Per Click Campaigns Process

We start with understanding your business’s goals, priorities and plans, then we put ourselves into your customer’s shoes by studying their personalities, priorities, interests and inspirations. The result will be our main factor in managing, optimising and promoting you in the digital space, where everyone knows what they are looking for.

We then analyse your business’s market by undertaking a full competitors and keywords analysis. The results have direct impacts on our cost analysis report in order to manage and maintain a healthy Pay Per Click Campaign.

Once we gathered all the reports and analyses then we move on to what’s important for you and your business.


What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click is a form of Internet advertising which originally established in order to boost up quick traffic to your website without having to gaining it organically however, thanks to to the latest developments, digital marketers are now able to not only increase the traffic but to guide the traffic to the targeted pages and as the result, they were able to increase the sales, conversions and grow the business. The cost in Pay Per Click advertising will be calculated based on the number of clicks your ad has received. Adwords have been one of the most popular Pay Per Click platforms in recent years covering millions of websites.


What is Adwords?

Adwords is a single most popular and dominating Pay Per Click advertising platform. Adwords partnered up with more that millions of website worldwide covering almost every industry however, this is not the only reason for its popularity. The reason that made Adwords one of the best platforms around is in its ability to post ads on Google. With Adwords you can post your ad based on your targeted keywords on Google. Upon triggering the targeted keywords, your ad will show up on the first to second page of Google search results depending on the competition. If your website is not showing up organically on the first page in Google search results for a given keyword then Pay Per Clicks campaigns with Adwords is the only opportunity you have to be on the first page in a short term.

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